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mami wata & the manatee


a part of a series of pieces inspired by myths and legends, mami wata & the manatee depicts a mermaid merged with a manatee.  it is believed by many that in order to save themselves from humans who wish to hunt/harm them, mermaids transform into manatees as a disguise.   they are the only water mammal that nurses their young, as they also have breasts, so they are often associated with human traits in ways other animals aren't. 


MANATEES represent nurturing, comfort, and support. they encourage us to give as well as receive, and to give focus and attention to our own needs as well as the needs of our loved ones. as spirit guides, they ask us to slow down and work smarter, not harder.


acrylic on ply

24" x 48"

mami wata & the manatee・acrylic on wood

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